London cuisine.So, you’re in London? You’ve already seen some art and history in the British Museum and the National Gallery. You have walked for hours to see the notable sights of London. Feeling kind of hungry? Time to taste some local cuisine! Maybe, you’re wandering, why you should spend precious time searching for a traditional British restaurant, while London is world famous for its diversity?

Because British food is truly delicious! People overseas have this mistaken belief, British kitchen is boring, clumsy and tasteless. This is completely wrong, as British traditional cuisine has always been nourishing, succulent and mild. Tasting an original British meal will drive right to this substantial feeling of history gathered into one single bite.

In the recent years traditional British cuisine has become even more provocative and creative. Pass the local pub and go one of the restaurants in our list, and you will taste the tendencies of the day. Local cuisine in London is on the highest level of diversity and mastership. Check out the trendiest restaurants for local British meals in London.


Rule in London.Address: 35 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, WC2E 7LB
Rules seem to be the oldest restaurant in London, functioning since 1798 as a dining room, situated in the heart of Covent Garden. Today the interior is still recalling old days and not much has changed, you literally feel the royal spirit while sitting on red velvet.

The menu has everything essential for British cuisine from A to Z. Don’t miss the oyster starters and the Kidney Pie. For main course, you can choose between duck, roasted pork and beef, typical British fish and even Spatchcocked Pigeon. All meals come with delicious sauce or cream, garnished with mushrooms, potatoes, nuts and spices.
Prices: Main course, about £25, starter around £10


Roast London.Address: The Floral Hall, Stoney St, London SE1 1TL
Roast is hiding right beside Borough Market. Take a table with the view of the market and get in touch with the true character of British life. Going to Roast immediately makes you order roast of course. You can try duck breast with pineapple, Fillet of beef Wellington or pork belly with mashed potato.

If you prefer seafood, there are Sea bream with lobster sauce, Jersey rock oysters or Monkfish with clams. Roast also offer interesting vegetarian meals, soups and salads. You can also try the daily menu, whose ingredients come straight from the Borough Market beside.

Prices: Daily specials around £30, main courses – £25, starters – £10

St. John

St John London.
Address: 26 St John St, London EC1M 4AY, UK
Do you know who Fergus Henderson is? Well, of course, you do, he is one the most popular British chefs with his own unique philosophy to use often neglected cuts of meat. Following his credo “nose to tail” he opened his restaurant St. John around the corner from Smithfield Market in Clerkenwell, more than 20 years ago. It is still one of the most respected eateries in London.

There you can try Grilled Ox Heart, Crispy Pig’s Cheek, Lamb Tongues, Roast Bone Marrow for starter. Or Braised Rabbit, Whole Roast Guinea Fowl or crispy pig’s tail for main course. St. John created for meat lovers and brave Epicureans.

Prices: Mains are below 20 and starters around 10, dessert – £7.50


Hawksmoor London.Address: 5 Air St, London W1J 0AD
Hawksmoor is restaurant chain in London. They have 7 eateries in the city and all of them different from one another. They claim to cook the best beef and steaks in London with organic and sustainable ingredients. We will talk about Hawksmoor on Air Street as more traditional dining space.

The culinary surprises are split between British bread beef and seafood meals. Recipes are simple, kept close to traditions, but enriched with sauces and spices. Try the Roasted Scallops, Dover Sole and the Brixham fish pie.
You can order steak over 300 grams and put interesting side dish beside it, such as macaroni and cheese, creamed spinach or lobster mac’n’cheese.

Prices: Seafood main course – over £25, steaks between £34 and £40, sides – £5

Simpson’s in the Strand

Simpsons London.Address: 100 Strand, London WC2R 0EW
Simpson’s stood “ in the Strand” since 1828, always serving British delights. Once you enter the restaurant it seems the time has stopped. The atmosphere is calm and formal, a bit luxury. Simpson’s restaurant is mainly famous with their meat carving classes and trained carvers.

This is your chance to try Roast rib of Scottish Beef, directly carved at your table. Some of the other signatures of Simpson’s are Kidney pie, Potted shrimps and the Lobster soup. The menu is changing with the season and we recommend to taste some of the vegetarian sides along with your roasted beef or fish cake.

Prices: Main course is around £25, the starters are over £12

Dean Street Townhouse

Dean Street TownhouseAddress: 69 – 71 Dean Street, Soho London, W1D 3SE
Dean Street Townhouse is great gathering place not only for dinner but also for breakfast and light brunch. The have large menu with both classic and more conventional meals. The inside space is interesting mic between Georgian era surrounding, modern lounge and typical British pub. Even the red-brown colors speaks “food”.

In Dean Street, you will finally have opportunity to taste fine burger, fish &chips, British cheese and elegant selection of afternoon tea sandwiches. As for the mains – don’t miss the Rib-eye steak, the Dover sole or why not a soup?

Breakfast and Bruch menus are extended as their tastes for tradition, you can have almost everything you wish – from fruits to ham & eggs.

Prices: Starters from £8 to £12, Mains around £22

Fera at Claridge’s

FeraAddress: Brook Street, Mayfair, London W1K 4HR
We have already mentioned Fera, as a part of one of the best high-class hotels in London- Claridge’s.
The first thing you will notice, once you enter the restaurant is the extremely elegant interior. Guests are stunned from the delicate Art-Deco adornment, which is simplified to an almost conceptual level. Tables are bare wood without cover, chair covered with leather in contrast colors. Walls, ceiling and floor, everything serves the idea of perfection and aesthetics.

*Tip: You can book “Aulis”- an innovative development table for six, which is entered by walking through the kitchens. You will taste surprise dishes, unserved before, cooked in front of you on the table.
Fera’s Chef is Simon Rogan, who holds two Michelin stars. His unique approach towards beauty is visible in the plates. The food’s vision is truly gorgeous.

Fera has large “ A la carte” and tasting menus. Be certain to try the Rose veal tartare, the Norfolk quail, the Roasted lemon sole and Roe deer.

Prices: Main courses are over £35 and starters between £18 and £25. For a dessert you will spend nearly £13