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One Day In Wimbledon

WimbledonWimbledon is situated in a little more than 7 miles from London’s central part. It is one the greenest districts in the city. It has caught within its boundaries the second biggest park in London – Wimbledon Common. As you all know, Wimbledon is also a host for one of the most important and also the oldest tennis tournament – The Wimbledon Championships. Thanks to its fame of a significant tennis centre of a first class the district attracts many tourists these days. However, it hasn’t lost its charm of a quiet country side, while keeping the spark alive with many traditional and modern pubs and shops.

There many things to be seen for one day, as the district has a lot to offer.

What to See in Wimbledon in One Day?

Wimbledon Windmill

Wimbledon Windmill

The Windmill is famous sight in Wimbledon Common. Today it a museum revealing how milling was done in the years when the Windmill was active. It is a construction built in 1817. The Windmill functioned for little less than 50 years when it was turned into accommodation. This year it celebrates its 200th anniversary, and the admission is free throughout the whole year.

You can visit the two floors of expositions showing you the history of the windmill and the process of milling. Inside at the ground floor, you will find video room, where you can watch a movie about the windmill’s design or go the first floor to try milling grain with your own hands. A separate interior exposition is revealing how the windmill’s Victorian accommodations looked back then.

Where: Windmill Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 5NR, UK;

When: Saturday from 2 PM to 5 PM, Sunday 11 AM to 5 PM;

Price: Free in 2017.

Southside House

Southside House looking a bit dull from the outside is a fantastic example of a 17th-century life of the Pennington Mellor Munthe families. After the World War II Major Malcolm Munthe- one of the decedents of the family, put all his efforts in the restoration of the then damaged by bombing house. He has been an extraordinary man- a soldier, a curator and a writer.

Today the house serves as a museum showing the world the families history and their taste to art and design. You will find interior exhibitions, works of art and photograph. The interiors are decorated in an interesting interpretation of Baroque style with many sculptures and paintings adorning the rooms.

Outside of the house is the 2 acre garden with flowers, old trees, and green alleys. The Southside house is also a host for classical music events and photo shoots.

Accessible only by guided tour. It is open to the public from 1st April to 30th September.

Where: 3-4 Woodhayes Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 4RJ, UK;

When: Weekends and Wednesdays from 2 PM to 3:30 PM;

Price: Adult ticket – £9.00, Students £7.50.

Wat Buddhapadipa Temple

Wat Buddhapadipa Temple

Wat Buddhapadipa is a Thai Buddhist temple and centre, the first ever in Britain. It serves as a monastery to Buddhist monks, but it is open to the public. Everyone is welcomed to take a walk around the beautiful temple and its peaceful gardens.

It was executed in 1966 with an official ceremony held by the King and Queen of Thailand. Today it can be visited by everyone curious to know more about Theravada tradition in Buddhism or for those who like to observe the gorgeous traditional decoration of the temple. The murals inside are painted in vivid colours telling the story of Buddha’s life. It will be a truly amazing experience to dive into the interior and exterior of red and gold ornamentation. Most of the decorative elements are curved of wood painted in gold.

The Buddhist centre also welcomes guests who want to take part of meditation classes, for both beginners and advanced.

Be aware that there is a dress code accepted in the temple. Short skirts, tank tops or shorts are not acceptable and are considered offensive.

Where: 14 Calonne Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 5HJ, UK;

When: Spring and Summer from 9:30 AM to 6 PM,

Winter and Autumn Summer from 9:30 AM to 5 PM;

Prices: Admission is free, but you can donate.

Wimbledon Lawns Tennis Museum

Wimbledon Lawns Tennis Museum

The Wimbledon Tennis Museum is a huge area with many exhibitions to engage visitors in the most unusual way. Most of them interactive using the newest technology of virtual reality and touch screens. Visiting the museum, you will have the chance to walk through centuries of sports tradition and history. You can see over 20,000 exhibits. Personal objects, pictures, sports outfits, shoes, medals and trophies of some of the world famous players. You will learn about the tournaments history and its key moments.

Furthermore, you can see displays of rackets or walk through the pathway of the players, journalists and even take a closer look at the court. From the Centre Court 360 – a virtual reality platform- you can experience 360 degrees view of the playground or see your favourite player’s game “live.”

We suggest you should pay a little more, but book a guided tour instead of visiting alone.

Where: Church Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 5AE, UK;

When: Open daily from 10 AM to 5:30 PM;

Prices: Guided tours are £25.00 for adults and £15.00 for children,

Visiting only the museum is £13.00 for adults and £8.00 for children.

Wimbledon Parks

Wimbledon Common

Wimbledon Common

Wimbledon Common covers enormous area of over 450 hectares of green land. This is almost half of the whole district. The park has a lot to offer for one day. Starting from pleasant walks on the alleys, to sports activities or horse rides you have plenty to do. You can visit the Royal Wimbledon Golf fields, play football, rugby or frisbee at the Richardson Evans Memorial Playing Fields.

Many professional sports players use the park for regular daily training and running, so you might end up running beside a sports star.

As well as Putney Heath and Putney Lower Common the park is part of an area of special scientific interest, thanks to its rich flora and fauna. There are many ponds and small basins in the park. The Fishponds Wood Reserve is wildlife area located on the south side of the park, where you will forget you’re in the city.

Horseriding in the parks is something usual to Wimbledon. You can find at least three centers for horseriding within the Commons boundaries. You can enjoy a beginners lesson and take a pleasant ride down the park alleys.

Where: Wimbledon, London, UK.

Wimbledon Park

Wimbledon Park, the area where the tournament takes place, is one more open space nature area in the district. It is smaller than the Common, but still there is plenty of stuff to do there. It is a great place to go with the kids, as in the middle of the park is one of the biggest lakes in London.

Many water sports activities are held there. You and your kids can ride on a boat, join canoeing courses, play bowling or beach volleyball. The Paddling pool at the park is a water heaven for games for the youngest visitors.

Where: Wimbledon Park Road, Wimbledon, London SM4 5DX, UK;

When: Open daily from 8 AM, Weekends from 9 AM.

Cannizaro Park

Cannizaro Park

Cannizaro Park is located just beside the Common. Much smaller, yet it is a large garden with the well-known hotel at the centre. Once the Cannizaro house was a residence for many famous London citizens and today is serves as s hotel at the heart of the park.

The park itself is heaven for flower lovers. It has formal gardens and woodland side. The flower gardens have been developed and maintained as a private property of the Cannizaro house for three centuries. With the years many plants from all over the world were brought to the park. Today it is one picturesque open area, a favourite place of photographers.

Where: Wimbledon, London SW19 4UE, UK;

When: Open daily from 8 AM to 7 PM, Weekends from 9 AM to 7 PM.

Shopping in Wimbledon

Wimbledon Village

Wimbledon Village is the urban part of the district, yet it is quite different from what you might expect from an urban area. Called “village” for a reason, it is the “The place where the city meets the countryside.” The shops there are small and cosy. You can find anything, from little boutiques for ladies apparel, to beauty salons, footwear, jewellery and tailor ateliers. In Wimbledon Village, you will not find shiny showcases and glowing signs. Everything is kept traditional and with style.

Most of the stores are situated on High Street and here are some of the highlights. Jigsaw is a British brand for children’s and youngsters apparel so that you can stop by. Another interesting store is Nordic Style offering Scandinavian designer furniture and home accessories. Don’t miss Wimbledon books or Matches- a luxury store for famous apparel brands such as Gucci and Dolce&Gabnana.

Where: Wimbledon, London, SW19 5DX, UK.

Centre Court

Centre Court

Centre Court is a shopping mall with more than 60 stores, placed right next to Wimbledon underground station. If you’re looking for fashion stores, there are Accessorize, Debenhams, H&M, Monsoon and GAP. For the jewellery lovers, they have Goldsmiths, Swarovski, and Pandora. You can jump to the Thorntons store for some chocolate treats or visit one of the home-décor shops for home gifts and accessories.

You can stop for a coffee at Costa or try traditional Italian kitchen at Café Moka.

Where: Queen’s Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 8YE, UK;

When: Monday to Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 AM to 7 PM,

Thursday from 9:30 AM to 8 PM, Saturday from 9:00 to 6 PM, Sunday from 11 AM to 5 PM.

Farmers Market

Farmers Market

The Farmers Market in Wimbledon is hugely popular in the district and one of the markets with best reviews. The traders at the market appreciate visitors hunger for fresh food and locally produced vegetables, so they deliver high-quality stock. This market has a history of over ten years of good reputation. If you want a bowl of strawberries, this the place. If you search for fresh meat, fish or seafood, this is it.

At the market, you can occasionally attend one of their seasonal events, with different local sellers presenting their home-drown organic production. The market takes place every Saturday during the whole year.

Where: 45 Havana Rd, Merton, London SW19 8, UK;

When: Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM.

Where to Eat in Wimbledon

The White Onion

The White Onion is a great local restaurant with an even greater reputation amongst locals and foreign tourists. It serves modern French cuisine in a quiet and relaxed setting. The bright blue walls and paintings hanging, the unclothed tables, everything in the interior seems informal and friendly.

Ordinary is not a word you can use when talking about the food served there. You can straightly order one of their three-course menus, without even looking at the menu, and still be sure of the high quality. The restaurant is usually full, but still, you might find a free table for brunch or early dinner. Otherwise, we suggest you should book a table. The prices are a bit high, but this is one of Wimbledon’s gems, so it is worth to pay a bit more for an excellent French dish accompanied by a glass of delicious wine.

Where: 67 High St, Wimbledon, London SW19 5EE, UK;

When: Tuesday, Thursday 7-10:30 PM,

Wednesday 7-12AM,

Friday,Saturday 12-2:30 PM, 6:30-10:30 PM,

Sunday 12-2:30 PM

Prices: $$$.


Turkish cuisine

Ambience, despite the fancy name, is traditional Turkish restaurant with a curious interior, combining both British and traditionally Turkish decoration. If you like spicy food and you’re willing to taste oriental ingredients, then definitely visit Ambience. The food is always fresh, cooked in an old-fashioned way on a charcoal grill.

If case you never tried Turkish kitchen you will be surprised how delicious the vegetarian food can be, starting with tabule salad, humus, traditional tarator, or tarama. As for the meat dishes, you should try Turkish kebap, the lamb skewers or seasoned chicken breasts. Ambience usually hosts large gatherings, wedding parties, and anniversary celebrations and it is full, despite the wide halls and the 100+ seats.

Where: 12-14 Leopold Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 7BD, UK;

When: Tuesday-Friday from 4:15 PM to 11 PM,

Saturday from 1 PM to 11 PM, Sunday from 1 PM to 10:30 PM;

Prices: $,$$.


Indian cuisine

This is one of the best sides of London – you can find international cuisine just around the corner. Khanage is probably the best Indian restaurant in the district with a diverse menu on a reasonable, not to say low prices.

Ideal for vegetarians, with their wide choice of meat-free dishes, they offer spicy original Tandoori food. Most of the starters are vegetarian, and there is a separate list of veggie mains, mainly based on curry flavour. The meat mains include aromatic lamb, chicken, and some fish dishes. It is impossible to list their full menu here, but make sure to try some of their specials. Everything will be even more delicious with traditional naan bread and a cup of lassi.

Where: 108 The Broadway, London SW19 1RH, UK;

When: Sunday to Thursday from 12 AM to 10:30 PM,

Friday and Saturday until 11 PM.

Prices: $, $$.

Pubs in Wimbledon


Alexandra is one of these places where you can spend a couple of hours drinking ale while watching football games or relaxing in a calm setting on the top floor of the pub. Alexandra has 4 bars, 4 different halls for different customers. Go to the Sports bar if you prefer watching a game on a big screen or if you’re looking for typical British atmosphere with wooden furniture stop at their Green bar.

The Lounge has the sense of brightness during the day, and at night it turns into a dancing hall with DJ’s playing music. Finally, the Loft at the last floor is their newest bar addition- Young’s grungy bar for craft beer lovers or those who prefer cocktails and exotic mixtures of tasty liquors.

Where: 33 Wimbledon Hill Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 7NE, UK;

When: Monday-Wednesday from 10 AM to 11 PM, Thursday 10 AM to 12 PM,

Friday- Saturday, from 10 AM to 1 PM Sunday from 12 AM to 11 PM;

Prices: $$.

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand is the highlight amongst pubs in Wimbledon. Facing Wimbledon Common the building has been there since 1835 when it was a bakery. Today it is popular Young’s pub designed in an unpretentious way to offer the informal setting of a country side cottage. You will literally feel like home in you chose their Common room.

Outside you will find simple wooden tables and benches to relax on a pint of beer. Hand in Hand welcomes dog owners with their pets to stay and enjoy the sun outside. They care a lot about their ales standard, offering free workshops for brewing.

Where: 6 Crooked Billet, Wimbledon, London SW19 4RQ, UK;

When: Monday-Thursday from 11 AM to 11 PM,

Friday-Saturday 11 AM to 12 PM, Sunday 12 AM to 11 PM;

Prices: $,$$.

Dog & Fox

Dog&Fox is a trendy hotel and gastropub in the heart of the Village. It has a bright and friendly surrounding, perfect for quick beer or coffee. It is mainly preferred by youngsters thanks to its buzzy setting in the main bar room. The pub has more rooms- one for dining decorated with a taste of vintage style, the Library- quiet and calm space filled with books to have an intimate night and the Scullery. The Scullery like the name suggests looks like an old-school kitchen with a couple of tables. Dox&Fox is a very interesting place unlike any other in Wimbledon.

You can jump for drinks or dinner, coffee or cocktail, whatever you order you will leave happy.

Where: 24 High Street Wimbledon, Wimbledon, London SW19 5EA, UK;

When: Open daily from 8 AM to 11 PM, Sunday from 12 PM;

Prices: $$.

Try our route

Start your trip in Wimbledon by entering the Common from its north side. It will give you the chance to walk through all interesting places going south. You will pass the Windmill, and if you keep it close to the Parkside road, you can jump to visit the Buddhist temple.

If you continue walking you will soon reach Wimbledon Tennis Museum. From there you can stroll down to the heart of the district. The White Onion is on your way to the Village. Stop for tasty lunch and continue for some shopping. Dog&Fox is really near, but you can also try Hand in 777Hand pub, which right at the edge of the park. You can always get to central London with one of our local Wimbledon cabs.

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