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One Day In Wandsworth

Wandsworth SW18, LondonWandsworth is a great borough spreading south of the river Thames. It shares borders with Richmond, Wimbledon, and Clapham, gathering many smaller districts within its large territory. If you’re wondering what to do with your free day in Wandsworth, let us help you with this task.

Since the borough is really big, planning the day can be a hard job. But no worries, we got you covered with our One Day in Wandsworth guide. We selected the most significant landmarks, green areas and of course nice and cosy pubs to eat and have a beer.

Enjoy your day in Wandsworth and don’t miss anything important by following our advice.

Battersea Power Station

Address: 188 Kirtling St, London SW8 5BN, UK

Battersea Power Station

Strange place to start the day you’re thinking while looking at the picture of the Battersea Power Station façade. But the old building is iconic for the area and London. The Power Station was once the biggest electricity hub producing power by burning coal. The construction finished in 1929 and couple of years later it was fully functioning. By the end on 1935, the interior was completed, putting Italian marble on the floor and fittings in Art Deco style in the control hall.

Twenty years later the Station was expanded with two more chimneys and another wing. It continued to supply energy for another 20 years when the original building went out of usage to meet the public interest to preserve the construction as it is- as Grade II building. With the years, however, The Power Station was abandoned and the effects of time started to show- the building needed reconstruction.

Today a big plan for reconstruction is running, outlining the new look of the area. It includes the creation of new structures, such as new homes, office areas, and extensive space for stores, food and separately venue gallery. Although you cannot enter, yet the marvellous building deserves a visit. It is planned to open doors officially in 2020, and until then the industrial skyline continues to impress the visitors, as the Stations is a favoured site of interest in the borough.

The thing you can visit is one of the events taking place in the Village Hall regardless of the construction works. You can attend sports competitions, yoga classes or see emerging fashion brands presenting their apparel. Most of the events are free and welcome everyone who likes to take part.

Take a walk around Battersea Park

Address: London SW11 4NJ, UK

You can enter the large green park at its south side from Queen’s Circus roundabout and quickly reach the Boating Lake. The lake is lovely at any hour of the day. One of the greatest advantages of Battersea Park is its serene and calm surrounding. It is not overcrowded, with plenty of vast green lands. At the lake, you can get at a rowing or pedal boat for about £6.00 for 30 minutes ride.

If you’re out with the children, the Battersea Zoo is close by – at the north side of the park. It is open after 10 o’clock, and you can spend one or two hours observing the animals. Stop for a coffee at the Lemon Tree Café of visit the gift shop for a cute souvenir.

Just next to the Zoo is the Buddhist stupa called Peace Pagoda. It is tall monument celebrating peace gifted to the city of London. It reveals bronze statues and reliefs of Buddha telling the story of his life. Situated just at the river bank is has extraordinary views of the water and the park.

Another place to check while you’re in the park is Putt in the Park- the mini-golf playground, same as the one in Putney. Maybe not for the golf, but for the Pizza instead the visit is worth the walking. Along with the tasty Italian pizza, you can have a cup of coffee or a pint of Italian draft beer, while the kids are playing at the children’s playground nearby.

Visit Local Landmark – Battersea Square

Address: Battersea Square, London SW11 3RA, UK

Battersea Square

Walking out of the park you can continue to Battersea Square. The picturesque square is really close to the river with open space little cafes and cosy pubs. The whole area around the plaza is desirable for a living because of the great views of Thames. The square itself is calm, lacking noisy crowds and it can be the perfect place to stop for quick brunch under the sun in good weather.

Enjoy delicious coffee at La Moka Café

Address: 3JS, 179 Battersea High St, London SW11, United Kingdom


Take the turn and continue on Battersea High Street, which will bring you to one of the most precious gems of the borough – La Moka Café. Small and intimate it offers fantastic brunch and aromatic coffee. If you decide to sit outside you can enjoy your silky cappuccino on one of their rustic tables. Don’t miss the avocado smash or take a bite of La Moka’s healthy crafted sandwiches. If you’re thinking about something sweet, go for the croissants, tart or fruit cake.

Shopstop at Clapham Junction and the area

Address: 20 St John’s Hill, London SW11 1RU, UK

High Street will take you straight to Shopstop Mall at Clapham Junction. Near to one of the busiest stations in London is the covered mall with many fashion and retail shops, as well as cafés and food bars. Some of the brands you can find inside are Moss Bros., Monsoon and JOY. Explore wide diversity of women’s men’s and children’s clothes.

In the area around Clapham Junction on St. John’s Road, close to the mall you can easily reach to other retail and flagship stores. Debenhams and Topshop are close, as well as TK Maxx a little further down the street. You can make a full circle and then continue your trip on St. John’s Hill Street. It will take you to the west side of Wandsworth towards East Hill, and on the way, you can jump to Deli Boutique- an excellent little restaurant and bakery for French specialities.

Visit Plus One Gallery

Address: B & C Trafalgar House, Juniper Dr, London SW18 1GY, UK

Returning to the riverside, you will reach Plus One Gallery to see British hyperrealistic art. Plus One Gallery is surely worth the visit, as it is one of the few popular galleries for hyper realism in London. Even if you’re not a fan of this type of art we are sure you will leave the art space impressed.

The gallery works with a large number of professionals, displaying curated exhibitions. You will be able to take a closer look at the masterwork of the artists, showing portraits, landscapes, still life painting and sculptures. The works appear so real, they literally pop out of the canvases. You will get the creepy feeling of déjà vu, the feeling you’re witnessing the world through someone else’s mind. Most of the canvases are completed with oil and acrylic paint, and you can also find paintings on board.

The gallery is known for London’s art scene, as it relocated a couple of times to finally settle at Wandsworth. It is open every day from in the morning to 6 PM, except Sundays.

The Ship

Address: 41 Jews Row, Wandsworth, London SW18 1TB, UK

In just 5 minutes walking is the notorious gastropub. The Ship is surely one well-recognized gastropub in Wandsworth. Staying proud near the river since 1786 it is today an artistic space for beer and British cuisine lovers. It has bright halls with a rustic interior reminiscent of a ship’s cabin. With a fireplace inside and warm wooden furniture, it is welcoming and cosy throughout the whole year. The tables and chairs keep the sense of an original ship furnishing, while on the walls are hanging modern, surrealistic pictures. If you prefer open spaces, then sit outside at their expanded terrace with wooden benches. Right beside the river, you will have a marvellous view.

The Ship is proud to serve of the best roast in Wandsworth. Lamb, pork belly or one their juicy beef burgers are one of the dishes, which deserve your attention. For the admirers of sea food and fish, there is crab salad with lemon and cod with Thai mussels and many more choices.

The wine list is also quite extensive, from “spicy” red to “fruity “ white wines and bubbles, there plenty of drinks to choose from. As for the ale, The Ship offers cask Young’s ales, as well as local craft beers and bottled choices.

The gastropub invites local musicians for night sessions every once in a month on Saturday or Sunday.

Visit Traditional Pub – Cat’s Back

Address: 86-88 Point Pleasant, London SW18 1NN, UK

A little further at west is the famous pub Cat’s Back. If you continue on Smugglers Way, you will be there in 15 minutes. The pub is nestled in an old Victorian house, keeping the original atmosphere alive. You can sit at one of their leather couches to relax with a glass of Harvey’s. The Cat’s Back will be ideal in case you like the taste of rich and hoppy ales. They offer seasonal beers, which are changing every couple of months. The food menu is simple and strictly British, with choices like scotch eggs, meat sandwiches, and sausage rolls. But the not the food is what makes it special. It’s the atmosphere. The Cat’s Back is known for their movie and live music nights. Combined with the relaxed setting, you will spend a great evening there.

Visit Wandsworth Bridge At Night

Address: Wandsworth Bridge, A217, London SW6 3HR, UK

Wandsworth Bridge

If you’re willing to take it even further, you can turn back towards Wandsworth Bridge. Away from the pub’s noise, you can dive into the mesmerizing colourful reflections of the water at night. The bridge will be quiet in the late evening, and you can enjoy the view of the cityscape across the river. This will be an excellent time for taking night pictures when the sun is down, and the dusk is spreading over the river banks.

The day turns to its end and it’s time to get home. The nearest transport is at the coach stations Bridgend Road, Petergate and Swandon Way. If you can’t find the right bus for you, you can always book a Wandsworth minicab to take you home after a long and hopefully pleasant day.