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One Day In Putney

Putney Bridge, LondonSmall and quiet Putney is located in the south-west of London. Locals regard Putney as a good choice for living area with its many parks and open spaces. Situated in Zone 2, not really away from the central part and relaxed enough Putney can be the perfect place for one day trip. It is not as expensive as other areas in Zone 1 and will fascinate you with its greeny woodlands and cosy pubs and restaurants. It is an excellent destination for family walks with the kids.

Attractions in Putney

Putney Bridge

Putney Bridge is a key point in the area connecting Fulham – on the north with Putney. The Bridge is famous for its two churches on both sides. One on the side of Putney is St. Mary Church and the other – at the opposite end of the bridge is All Saints.

The bridge we see today is the second construction made. The first bridge was built in 1729 but was destroyed by erosion of the bank. The modern construction was finished in 1886, and since that day it is a favourite place for relaxing walks along the riverside.

Where: Putney Bridge, SW15, London.

St. Mary Church

St Mary Church

The old medieval St. Mary Church is built at the riverbank and still keeps part of its original looks. Most of its external decoration is renewed today, but still, the main decorative line is continued in 15th-century tradition. The chapel remained untouched, and the tower managed to survive for over 6 centuries to present days. Inside you will find unpretentious interior. The modern face of the church is a mixture of old and new decoration. The church is proud with its organ, which produces a sound of highest quality. In the summer time, classical concerts are held inside.

Where: Putney Bridge Approach, London SW15 2JQ;

When: Open daily from 9 AM to 18 PM.

Putney Arts Theatre


If you haven’t been to a stage performance recently, now you have a chase to attend one while you’re in Putney. Putney Arts Theater is hidden in an old 19th-century chapel presenting young local artist and actors. It first opened doors back in the late 60’s.

You can take a look at an exhibition in their gallery or visit a show. They are focusing on modern theatre shows and reading sessions, so you will not leave disappointed.

Where: Ravenna Rd, Putney, London SW15 6AW;

When: Shows start between 6 PM and 8 PM.

Boat Trips

Boat Trip

Since you’re so close to the river why not jump on boat bus for a pleasant journey? From Putney Pier, you can take the MBNA boat bus on every 20 minutes on the weekdays. The bus will take you all the way to central London, passing Chelsea, Battersea Park, Westminster and Big Ben to reach the London Eye or even further up north to Tower Bridge. River Thames will reveal magnificent views, and from the water, you can take awesome pictures of the shore. If you chose a sightseeing tour, you will get an audio guide.

Where: Putney Pier, Putney Embankment, London;

When: Weekdays on every 20 minutes;

Prices: Single adult ticket / Central and West zone/: £8.50;

Single adult ticket /West zone/: £4.40;

Children under 16 years travel with 50% discount.

Green zones and parks in Putney

Wandsworth Park

Right on the south bank of Thames, Wandsworth Park is the second green zone so close to the river. It is a large green area, and it will offer you many activities during the day. You will find tennis courts and children’s area. In the summer months on both weekdays and weekends, many festivals and sports events take place on the green fields.

What you should definitely visit is Putt in the Park– a mini golf court. It is quite visited mainly because it offers, as well as golf sticks, beer, coffee, and sandwiches. The game field is small but tidy, with carefully maintained areas. You can give putting a try, or stop to enjoy a glass of refreshing beer.

Where: Putney Bridge Rd, London SW18;

When: The park is always open, and Putt in the Park works daily from 9 AM until dusk;

Price: Adult admission is £8, children under 16 – £6.

London Wetland Centre

London Wetland Centre

The London Wetland Centre is actually out of Putney’s boundaries. Located in Barnes, just above Putney Lower Common Park it is a very popular attraction in London. Although is a bit away it’s worth a visit. The Wetland Centre is excellent wildlife area, where you and your family can spend the day observing water birds, animals and insects in their natural setting.

You can join the Centre’s staff in their work activities of feeding the animals or involve your children in sports games in the Adventure playground or join interactive games inside the Centre.

Where: Queen Elizabeth’s Walk, Barnes, London SW13 9WT, UK;

When: Open daily from 9:30 AM, closing time varies;

Prices: Adult admission is £13.49, children under 16 – £7.42.

Putney Commons

The Putney Commons is a huge area of vast green lands, including within its borders Putney Heath and Wimbledon parks at the south and separately Putney Lower Common at the north. As the zone is really extensive, you will need probably more than one day to explore it from end to end. However, Putney Heath, which is closer to the heart of district will be quite enough for you if you’re looking for a break from the city’s noise.

The woodland zone is part of protected environment areas, and you have a chance for a closer look at rare trees and plants. For sports lovers, cricket pitches, golf fields, cycle alleys and even horse riding sessions are waiting.

Quick Gallery Tour in Putney

Lacy Road Gallery

Lacy Road Gallery

Lacy Road Gallery is a small but cosy space for art lovers and buyers. It focuses on abstract art, landscape pictures, and modern paintings. Works for sale change every week and you can find small sculptures, as well as small to middle sized canvases. Artworks in all kinds of genres are available for sale.

Where: 30 Lacy Rd, London SW15 1NL;

When: Open Wednesday to Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Guillochon Gallery

Guillochon is a gallery for contemporary art, which presents current British artists working in all modern art genres. From sculptures to video projection, painting, photography or mixed techniques, the gallery diversity is visible. The gallery is active at art fairs since 2010, including Scope Basel. It tries to put a highlight on artworks, rather than artist names. Their exhibitions are always collective, held under one central theme. The displays change every 10 days.

Where: 329 Putney Bridge Rd, London SW15 2PG;

When: Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 AM to 6 PM.

Russel Gallery

Quite the opposite of Guillochon, The Russel Gallery, is more traditional in their concept. Russel Gallery presents solo artist displays and prefers pictorial style in painting. Exhibitions stay for a month or even more and the gallery works with more than 40 modern British artists.

Where: 12 Lower Richmond Rd, London SW15 1JP;

When: Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 AM to 5:30 PM.

Where to go shopping

Putney Exchange

Putney Exchange on High Street is the largest shopping centre placed on one of the busiest streets. Anything you would like to buy will be there waiting. Many stores are hosted inside the shopping mall, including fashion boutiques, toddler clothing stores, beauty salons and shops.

Some of the brands presented there are Gap, Clintons, H&M, or you can enter the supermarket chain Waitrose. Putney Exchange is the main shopping hub, so expect a lot of people, mainly thanks to the more affordable prices compared to stores in Zone 1.

Where: Putney High St, London SW15 1TW;

When: Open Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM, Sunday from 11 AM to 5 PM.

Putney Market

Putney Market

No London district will be really British without a market for fresh goods. Putney Market as all others offers fruits, veggies, fresh farm products. You can also buy bread, flowers or meat and cheese from local producers. If you count of high-quality food on a reasonable price, visit the market while you’re in the area. Every Saturday traders from the country side are coming to sell their fresh products. Putney Market has a very convenient location- right next to the bridge, easily accessible from both Putney and Fulham.

Where: St Mary’s Church Square, 5 Putney High Street, London, SW15 1RB;

When: Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM.

Putney Art Market

Another alternative to traditional shopping is the Art Market held every first Sunday of the month nearby the river. If you’re in the area at this time, make sure to have a look at the artistic offers at the market. Once a month artists, painters and designers gather at the market. You can buy original and unique jewellery, prints or little sculptures, as well as hand-made pottery, framed photographs, and even designer furniture.

Where: The Embankment, Putney Pier. Putney SW15 1LB;

When: Every first Sunday of the month, Open from 11 AM to 5 PM.

Restaurants You Shouldn’t Miss



Kashmir is an exotic find in Putney. Probably the best Indian restaurant in the area Kashmir offers delicious, spicy food from North India. This is the first restaurant in London, but the level is set high, thanks to their Chef with quite a lot of experience. If you like hot and dishes with rich taste served in a cheerful and modern setting, then Kashmir will pass the challenge.

The menu is also rich with choices of both meat and vegetarian dishes. Kashmir is proud to say the food has a traditional taste without any western influences- as they say, “Just the way they are done in India.” Prices are surprisingly affordable, as the most expensive main course will be £12.

Where: 18-20 Lacy Rd, London SW15 1NL;

When: Open daily from 12-2:30 PM, 5:30-10:30 PM; Tuesday is closed;

Prices: $,$$.

Isola Del Sole

Isola Del Sole

Right after traditional Indian, we jump forward to traditional Sardinian cuisine with Isola Del Sole restaurant. If you’re dying for a plate of fresh linguine with crab or tagliatelle with wild boar ragout, then go straight to this Italian gem in Putney. The menu is strictly traditional with plenty of choices for starters and mains. The restaurant offers more food choices in their dinner menu at the place.

Prices are a bit high for Putney, but the setting is relaxed, and dishes are plated with taste and imagination. Except for the good cuisine, you can order traditional Sardinian wine and dive into the feel of Mediterranean nights.

Where: 16 Lacy Rd, Putney, London SW15 1N;

When: Open daily from 12- 3 PM, 6-10:30 PM; Sunday is closed;

Prices: $$.

Prince of Wales

Prince of Wales

Prince of Wales is a popular gastropub in Putney, visited by many mainly for the good Norfolk and Yorkshire Sunday roast and traditional fish and chips. They offer British cuisine accompanied by good bottled beer and ales on the tap. Prince of Wales has a variety of gins and cocktails to choose from, or you can try the draft IPA.

The menu is not that diverse, but it is changing every season. Depending on the time of the day you can choose between lunch or dinner menu and Sunday menu in the weekend. The interior is a typical gastropub with rustic wooden tables, red leather chairs, a bit dark and noisy.

Where: 138 Upper Richmond Rd, London SW15 2SP;

When: Open Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 PM to 11:30 PM,

Monday, Tuesday from 10 PM to 11 PM, Friday from 12 PM to 12 AM,

Saturday 11 AM to 12 AM.

Prices: $$.

The Best and Bars and Pubs in Putney

Half Moon

Half Moon Bar

Half Moon will become your favourite bar once you enter. Very close to the river it, except being an ideal place to have a glass of beer is a live venue. Bands play often, sometimes you can listen to acoustic sessions or attend a comedy show. Every night is different, and thanks to the cosy interior Half Moon will make you come back again. The setting is colourful and artistic, perfectly suiting the bohemian spirit of the pub. Half Moon has a beer garden at the back decorated casually. We suggest you should go for the atmosphere and the drinks, rather for the kitchen, as the menu is quite simple.

Where: 93 Lower Richmond Rd, London SW15 1EU;

When: Open Sunday to Thursday from 10 AM to 11 PM, Friday and Saturday from 10 AM to 1 AM.

Prices: $$.

Be At One

Be At One is night crawlers’ favourite place. It is one of the many bars of the London chain and is typical and old fashioned but in a good way. Music, drinks, intimate atmosphere and red leather furniture are what we’re talking about. The place works late in the weekend, so it’s ideal for drinks after dinner.

Every Tuesday and Thursday you can listen to live music at the bar while having some of their unique cocktails. The staff is always friendly, even when the bar is crowded, and this happens often. Visit it for some fantastic dance nights and just for a couple of drinks with friends in the evening.

Where: 30 Putney High St, London SW15 1SQ;

When: Open daily from 5 PM to 12 AM, Weekend from 5 PM to 2 AM;

Prices: $,$$.

The Boathouse

The Boathouse

The Boathouse is three floors pub, restaurant, and bar. Spacious enough to gather many guests it is also proud to stand right on the bank of the river with amazing view towards it. The Boathouse counts of that view pretty much and for this reason, even when you’re inside you can see the Thames through the glass walls. At the top is situated an open space beer garden, as well as tables in front of the restaurant. If you’re heading for a party night go into the club area on the mezzanine floor. The overall looks of the interior are trendy, decorated to fit Young’s tastes. They have large food and drinks menu and a wine menu.

Of course, the biggest privilege of the Boathouse is the view, so the best time to visit is at sunset.

Where: 32 Brewhouse Ln, London SW15 2JX;

When: Open Sunday through Thursday from 11 AM to 11 PM, Friday and Saturday from 9:30 AM to 11 PM.

Prices: $, $$.

Putney in One Day Route

The only thing you need to spend one exciting day in Putney is a good mood. Try our route and visit the must-see sights of Putney.

  • If you’re coming from the central or east part of London and you have the option to take a water bus, do it, you can get off directly at Putney Pier. Putney Bridge is very near just within 10 minutes walking.
  • Head to Wandsworth Park for a walk among its green fields or to visit Putt in the Park. To try the mini-golf or to have a coffee, whatever your reason is, it’s worth to check it. Before reaching the park, you will pass The Boathouse, where you can stop for a quick brunch with a view of the Thames.
  • Walk back on Putney Bridge Road to reach High Street. Putney Exchange is really close so that you can go for a shopping inside the mall.
  • Since you’re already on High Street, everything is a stone’s throw from your position. Kashmir Restaurant is just around the corner and Lacy Road Gallery stands right beside it.
  • For the perfect finish of the evening jump into Be At One to mingle with the locals. When it is time to go home, you can hire one of our local Putney minicabs!