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One Day In Clapham

Clapham CommonClapham is a quiet neighborhood in South of London, a relaxed area full of friendly locals. Regardless its remoteness from central London it is a district full of life, during the day and the night. You will find many young people and families preferring Clapham exactly because of its calm atmosphere and rhythm. It is well connected with the other neighborhoods while sharing borders with Brixton, Balham, and Battersea. Loved by Londoners because of its great connections, nightlife and shopping streets it will offer you one exciting day.

We selected for you some of the key places, which will reveal the true face of the district. For just one day you can go shopping or for a walk in the park, have a great cup of delicious coffee or grab a cocktail at one of the colorful night bars.

Stroll down on High Street for shopping

Address: Clapham High St, London, UK;

Shopping in Clapham

Clapham High Street is a convenient point to start your day. With two Tube stations nearby – Clapham High Street and Clapham North you have perfect links to the heart of the neighborhood. High Street is a lively street with many shops, barber saloons, hairdressers, and bookstores. You will find fashion stores, such as Rio Beach or bakeries like Esca and Patisserie Valerie. If you’re looking for something established go to Caffe Nero and Starbucks. The diversity of stores is broad, including gift and card shops and home care stores.

The biggest department store there is Sainsbury with its modern façade and stylish exterior. Also on the street is situated the Clapham Library with its futuristic interior. It is self-serviced, offering books for ages.

Visit Venn Street Market

Address: Venn St, Clapham, London SW4 0AT, UK;

Fresh Food Market

Walking down on Hight Street you will reach Venn Street Food Market, situated a little aside. One of the many London Markets for fresh vegetables and artisan food, this market is the place to find quality home-grown products.

A variety of home-prepared craftsman cheese with special local ingredient is to be found, as well as garden flowers, vegetables, and season fruits. You can buy fish, Iberian specialties or delicious brownies and home-baked bread and pastries. If you’re fan of pate, you can find products with both vegetarian and meat ingredients.

The Market takes place every Saturday hosting food traders and on Sundays you can find crafts, flowers and food sellers. The Market Day, when more traders come to present their products is every last weekend of the month.

Have a delightful coffee at Brickwood

Address: 16 Clapham Common South Side, London SW4 7AB, UK;

Brickwood Caffee

We chose to list here Brickwood, not only because is really close to the market and Clapham Common, but because it is a prominent coffee shop for brunch and pastries in Clapham. They have quite a long menu of healthy whole grain desserts, muffins, and cakes, as well as sandwiches and of course fragrant coffee choices.

Their recipes are indeed original in the way of combining ingredients. Whether it is a sandwich with smoked salmon or hummus dip, you will spoil your senses with their unusual offers.

Brickwood is one of the best rated places for brunch in the neighborhood and no wonder. As well as the exceptional food choices the setting is cozy and warming. They serve you a cup of balmy cappuccino on an unpretentious wooden table in a lovely sunny, brick-walled garden in the sunny days. If you prefer to sit inside, you will find yourself surprised by the peaceful setting.

Relax at the green fields of Clapham Common

Clapham Common

Clapham Common is a large park with a lot to offer. Stretching all the way from the Old Town to Clapham South station and Battersea in the West, it has vast fields, playgrounds, cafes and beer gardens. The Common has both formal and beautifully arranged gardens and wild areas, where plants typical for area grow.

You can enter the park from Clapham Common Road, where it melts into Long Road. Take one of the large alleys and head to the first pond- the Long Pond. It will reveal serene views of the water and it’s ideal spot to stop and relax. Going south you will reach the open space playgrounds and the Windmill- a famous hotel in the park with restaurant, beer garden and live music at night. Stop for a beer or coffee and then continue to the Eagle Pond, loved by fishermen.

A little further at the south, just on the edge of the park is one interesting museum- Deep level shelter Museum. Open since the last year the museum reveals old WWII bunker, which was the safe haven for Londoners during the Nazi Blitz.

Undoubtedly an interesting place to visit, it is also a little claustrophobic, due to its narrow 180 steps stairway leading you under the ground. If you choose to enter, the price is £36.50 for adults, including a visit to London Transport Museum. As it is a main attraction in the park and free places for the tours are limited, we advise you to book your ticket in advance.

Going back to the heart of the Common, you will pass through the third pond- the Mount Pond. Making a full turn, walking amongst the green grounds you can reach Holy Trinity Church and the Cock Pond. They are close to your starting point and convenient spot to continue your trip.

Have a meal at Trinity

Address: 4 The Polygon, Clapham Common SW4 0JG, United Kingdom;

Restaurant in Clapham

Trinity is Michelin starred restaurant in Clapham’s Old Town offering contemporary British cuisine under the rigorous guidance of Chef Adam Byatt. Downstairs is the first opened restaurant, which will meet you with a bright and stylish setting. The whole place is kept simple- round tables with classic white coverings, shiny glasses, comfy chairs with curved lines and above all excellent service and exceptional food.

Trinity is one of the best-acclaimed restaurants not only in the neighborhood but in London. The prices might shock you at first, with £30.00 for a two-course menu, but the designer gourmet dishes deserve every penny. If you want to spoil yourself for lunch, definitely stop at Trinity and expect to see art in your plate.

Above the famous restaurant is the second surprise by Chef Adam Byatt- Upstairs at Trinity. More informal, it has tall hardwood tables, rough wooden floor, and dimmed lights. It is the more casual brother of Trinity, but with the same high-end cuisine. If this doesn’t sound promising enough, remember that they offer a different menu every day. You will surely be surprised.

Visit the Old Town in Clapham

Clapham Old Town

The Old Town is the busy part of the neighborhood. Covering a small area it has beautiful architecture from the Georgian and Victorian era. It is a desirable area for a living, thanks to its busy nights, many cafes and little boutique shops. You won’t need much time to take a look around. Depending on what you want to see you go to some of the fashion shops, such as JZD or visit a local art gallery. If you fancy a cup of afternoon tea, try Fantasia cafe or Zumburu.

Watch a movie at Clapham Picturehouse

Address: 76 Venn St, London SW4 0AT, UK;

Picturehouse is a nearby cinema on Venn Street. If you want to catch an early evening movie, this is the place. The screenings show trending movies and you can choose between at least five options, from drama and horror to comedy films. The Picturehouse also screens music and opera shows, such as Royal Opera performances and other classical concerts, available on the big screen. They change the program every couple of weeks with the latest shows and films of the time. You can spend the early evening watching a film you’ve missed or didn’t have time for.

Dinner at the Dairy

Address: 15 The Pavement, London SW4 0HY, UK;

Dinner in Clapham

Just around the corner on The Pavement is Dairy– Clapham’s best-known eatery. It is in between of a beer pub, brasserie, and a restaurant. Though difficult to define its style it surely deserves your visit for dinner. They serve modern, innovative dishes in even more innovative hand-crafted dishes with strangest shapes and materials. The whole place is designed in a rustic manner with a bit eclectic, but intriguing interior. Just at the doors and in front of the old school bar are the tall tables, and inside you will find a cozy hall with smooth lightening.

Their menu is based on the type of food, and you will find crazy combinations, yet really tasty coming in small plates. You can choose between a regular order from the main menu or try the tasting menu. Don’t miss the chicken liver mousse, river mussels or Truffled Baron Bigot. There are also plenty of desserts to choose from. The bar offers craft beers, and in case you prefer vegetarian cuisine, this is the place to find a separate vegetarian menu.

Finish the night with a cocktail at Venn Street Records

Address: 78 Venn St, London SW4 0BD, UK

Venn Street Records

Ideal for the end of the evening Venn Street Records is really fashionable, old school, music-themed night bar. A favorite place for rock’n’roll lovers it manages to keep the spark alive with a retro backdrop. Best choice to have cocktails in Clapham, it works late until the early hours of the night.

The drink menu is impressive with nearly 30 different types of cocktails, and American lager, Asian beers, and Flying Dog IPA included. Furthermore, you have white, red wines and rose on both bottles and glasses.

Almost every day they meet different local more or less popular musicians and bands to play live. Their program includes acoustic gigs, open nights and cover nights. The place is usually stuffed with people at the weekend, so in case you’re looking for crowds, music and great drink, go for it!

You have a couple of options available at that hour of the night to go back home. You can take bus №88 running all night or try the Northern Line. If you feel too tired and prefer not to wait, book a local Clapham cab to save time and reach the bed faster.