How to pack and travel light?During the hard organization of a trip the luggage has always been a problem. How to pass the airport limitation? How to spare your endeavors for dragging heavy bags? What exactly to take? When you need everything? We will give you some useful tips, how to pack your belongings in the most efficient way and still have everything necessary for your journey.

Why You Should Pack Light?

Many people don’t really ask themselves this question, while they’re preparing for tips, and this could be a stupid mistake, leading to annoying problems at the airport. You know that air carriers have limitation for the amount and the size of the luggage you bring on board and every overrun will cost you money. Low-cost companies such easyJet, Wizz Air and Ryan Air have the strictest requirements and don’t compromise.

Why you should pack light?Most of the companies limit your hand luggage to one single backpack of 40 liters and one checked in luggage, weighing differently, depending on the carrier – usually between 20 and 32 kilograms. If you accidentally exceed the limitations, you must pay at the airport for extra luggage the price between 30 and 50 Euro. Make sure to exactly check the measurements of you hand luggage, as it might not fit.

Don’t forget that also coach companies have restrictions. If you intend to travel with a coach or even with the underground, many pieces of heavy baggage is a burden. The public transport is always overcrowded, don’t expect tolerance for your bags. Airport minicab services from Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted also have set limits on the number of bags you can take with you.

If you want to spare yourself waiting at the desk, uncomfortable situations and money you need to start to pack light.

Types of Bags Or What to Choose to Fit Limits?

Type of bagThe type of the bag here depends on the purpose and duration of your trip. If you travel for only couple of days, you can always miss the checked in luggage and have a small suitcase with you on board. At the other hand, of you intend to travel for week or more and you need more stuff, you can have a backpack and larger case – with the backpack on you back your hands will be free.

If still haven’t bought a lightweight suitcase now is the time to jump to the shop. Modern super lightweight suitcases, which also protect your belongings from breaking inside will give you an extra couple of pounds for you own things. There are multi-functional suitcases on the market with more than one sections, allowing you to separate your luggage. Yet we don’t advise you to put fragile objects or electronics inside, because no matter how isolated they are you might find them damaged afterward.

To make sure your hand suitcase will fit into airport bins you can buy two-wheeled one, instead of four-wheeled. Four wheeled cases are flexible and adjusted for dragging, but usually have extended size. Don’t count on soft sacks for you hand luggage, don’t think you can squeeze them even more when you have to put them in the bin. The practice shows it’s totally impossible.

Bring Less, But Essential Things

Bring Less, But Essential ThingsWhen it comes down to packing people usually take out everything from the wardrobe for “just in case” occasions. Forget that! Take only what you need by starting to take out all “extra things”. There’s no space for extras. Remember this rule: don’t put in the case, what you can wear! If you want to have your coat with you, wear it, don’t force it into the luggage.

Try to take warm but compact clothes- usually made from synthetic materials. No matter how much you love wool, it will eat your free space. It goes the same for winter scarfs and hats in case you travel in winter times. You better wear them in the cabin.

Shoes take most space than any other belongings. People make this mistake to put more than two pair of shoes, which is honestly unnecessary. The shoes you should definitely bring are flip-flops mainly missed by male travelers. Flip-flops can be worn in the hotel, outside, at the beach almost everywhere and they’re above all comfortable. Try to skip the formal shoes., Instead have all-purpose, daily shoes made for walking, not parading.

When it’s time to decide how many outfits to bring, remember, this is the most common problem- too many outfits! You need two pairs of jeans, couple of t-shirts and some warm clothes. Leave fashionable looks aside for a while, and concentrate on efficiency. However, the clothes you should eventually take in extra is underwear. We’re pretty sure, you will run out of clean underwear, wondering where to find laundry, in you busiest time.

For those, who don’t have much experience in traveling, especially with touristic character, we have some advised about extra bags but in the luggage. You realize, if you’re going to walk all day, or take part of sightseeing tours, you will need a free backpack or shoulder bag. Tourists also use their free time for shopping, so add one tote bag to the luggage. Ladies will want to bring their purses too, so to spare some space, you can have them all empty, put into each other.

Toiletries are probably the most annoying part of the travel baggage. We use so many different lotions, showers, perfumes and other, at first glimpse small but actually heavy cosmetics. If you take all of your toiletries in the bag, you will barely have room for clothes. Fortunately, most of hotel and hostels today offer free amenities, like soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Some hotels even sell cosmetics and some goods of first need, so you can even buy them for a small amount of money. Ladies can also leave the hairdryer at home as most of the hotels have hairdryers.

Finally, we’ve reached the most important part of the luggage for many. It seems like everybody are traveling with laptop, phone, tablet, camera and other “super useful” electronics. They, however, besides of taking space can be heavy. In case, you’re not a professional photographer, you can take photos with your phone, the same as you can read your e-mails from it. If you can, let the laptop stay at home and travel only with your phone.

How to Save Space and Pack More

Light luggageThere are few tricks you can use for packing light. First, come the folding. You’ll be surprised how many methods exist and there packing aids sold on the market. The oldest tested method of folding for light packing is rolling your clothes. Some people claim this method helps you to avoid wrinkles on the clothes. As it might not be completely true, it does give you free room.

You can think about buying vacuum compression bags or special layered folders, to store your clothes. It will decrease the volume of your luggage with almost one half. One more thing, available on the market are the cube folders, mainly used for underwear and smaller garments. This amazing tool squeezes your underwear to fit it in a small cube, creating the suitable and compact shape of baggage.

These were our tips for efficient and light packing. Free yourself from unnecessary things and just enjoy life. Traveling is art, and the world is waiting for you to explore it! You can rely for your airport transfer in London on Mobbo Taxi!