Luton Airport is a small international airport, serving mainly low budget companies. Luton is base for Easy Jet, Ryanair and Monarch. It is less overcrowded in contrast with other London airports. If you’re landing at Luton, the chance to collect your luggage quite fast is one of the advantages of this relatively small airport. Luton Airport is located near the the town of Luton, about 55 km north of Central London. It is the fourth biggest and the sixth busiest airport in London. As with all other London airports, passengers have a lot of options to get to and from there. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of these travel options.

Fastest Way To Get To London

You best chance to avoid the annoying traffic and spare yourself efforts with the heavy luggage is to take the train. Every London airport has an express train line, which connects it with the city. In Luton’s case, the train line operated by Thameslink Railways– on a daily basis.

Thameslink Rail

Luton airport transfer services via Thameslink.Thameslink trains operate 24/7 – it is a non-stop service. It’s a great advantage, especially for budget flight passengers, who often arrive late at night or early in the morning. The nearest station to take the train is Luton Airport Parkway. It is about a mile from the Terminal. Shuttle buses operate in every ten minutest to and from the train Station. The standard one way journey takes nearly 25 minutes or with the shuttle included – about 40 minutes. The trains go to the city center and stop at St Pancras Station, but there are other stops before the final one, which can be suitable for you
*All of the trains stop at St Pancras that shares its Underground station with the adjacent Kings Cross Station. Some of them go beyond this Station, but it depends at what time you travel.

Now, about the price. the price varies whether it is peak or off peak. All train services in London have very complex price calculating system. Normal anytime journey in one way direction costs £15.50. The off peak ticket, most often at weekends or middle of the day is cheaper, around £12.50.

Note* When you purchase your ticket, select Luton Airport to include the shuttle transfer in your final price. In case you select Luton Parkway, an additional tax must be paid, separate from the train ticket price.
Passengers are not limited to the luggage they can take on board, but there aren’t any special spots for luggage inside.

London has well developed travel system. For a megalopolis with thousands of tourists every minute there is perfect choice for everybody. Away from the city traffic and public transport displeasure, we bring on front private transfers, taxis and minicabs.

Rent A Car

Renting a car is good option, too.Rental car is one comfortable option for you. Mostly, car rental is practice preferred by tourists, who like to travel not only in the city, but also in the country. If you’re planning a big sightseeing vacation around UK, a rental car is good for you. Rental cars usually don’t have limitation about the travel range. Customers can require child seats , payable at the time of collection or special cars for disabled passengers.

*Don‘t forget about the deposit tax and insurance. Always check these two fares before making your booking. Deposits are payable also at time of collection.

The normal price for saloon car per day /without the additional taxes/ is about £55.00. You will receive your car with a full tank, but fuel is not included in the price. Many tourists, who hire car for the first time, are not aware of this fact, and remain surprised and/or disappointed at the end of their journey. Our advice for you is to book your vehicle online before your arrival, at least two weeks in advance.


You can even hire a black cab from Luton to London.At Luton, there aren’t many black cabs, but still you can find some outside of the Terminal at the taxi rank. The fare will be calculated according to your final destination. Let’s say you‘re traveling to London Bridge from Luton Airport- the average price will be about £ 130.00 or even more. Black cabs for sure are safe and comfortable method, but quite expensive. For travelers with disabilities and / or with many bags, a black taxi is certainly a good choice.
Your travel will be more than one hour long for sure, unless you travel late in the evening or early in the morning.

Private transfer

Private transfers don’t seem to be quite popular among travelers, but they are very suitable for large groups of people. Different types of cars and vans are available – from 7 person large estate cars to 16 person mini buses. There is one more thing – don’t forget about Touring Coaches. They are large tourist buses, which can be hired for groups, exceeding 20 people.

A van for seven people will cost you around £120.00 to St. Pancras Station and £130.00 to Victoria station. The price is always fixed. Mini bus fares are between £180.00 and £276.00 / for maximum of 16 people/.
Prices include all taxes, parking and London congestion charges. Private transfers are perfect for people with many bags or large suitcases. With this option you avoid the public transport and you don’t make any changes. Payment via debit/credit card is accepted. There are no hidden charges and you can require extra improvements, such as child seat or wheel chair friendly car, even car suitable for pets transportation.


Minicabs provide airport transfer services from/to Luton airport with a fixed price for one way journey. You can search online before your travel – there are many web platforms for minicabs. Your benefit here is the fact that even one person can hire a minicab for a suitable price. Minicabs have gained great popularity, as they are fast, well maintained and reasonably cheap for the comfort you will get. You can book minicab anytime. Usually minicabs travel from point to point – pick you up at the airport and drop off at a specified point. You can check available drop off points, when you make your inquiry for a car.
Among minicab vehicles, passengers can choose between saloon cars, medium or big cars  (sometimes even vans are available). Minicabs services are very flexible, you won‘t have to worry about flight delays.

The average travel between Luton and Central London is about 1 hour in off peak hours and can get to hour and half. Minicab drivers have good knowledge about London and they will always choose the optimal route for your journey. For single trip from Luton to the city central area, the price range is between £55.00 and £60.00 for 4 person travel, with no additional luggage.

Budget Travel

One best option for a traveler to reach the city is the bus transfer. London – Luton bus service also operates 24/7 with a full timetable. From Luton to London you will find three major bus operators – National Express, Green Line / Terravision and Easy Bus. The difference between the three companies is minor.

Normally the journey between Luton Airport and London Victoria is nearly 90 minutes, but sometimes it may take longer. The main carriers- National Express and Green Line stop at several Underground Stations in North London before they stop in Central London at Bakers Street and Marble Arch prior to their Victoria Station terminus. As for Easy Bus, it serves the business area around London center. Easy Bus has included Liverpool Street into their route, very comfortable stopping point, mainly for the locals.

All 3 bus lines are non-stop; you can travel anytime with all of them. Which one you will choose according to your needs? National Express and Green Line buses are big, clean, air conditioned and more frequent than the others. Unfortunately luggage is relatively limited-up to two 20 kilograms suitcases and one piece of hand luggage. Easy Bus use minibuses, but don’t limit their passenger with the luggage in any way.

National Express and Easy Bus have very wide range of pricing; they offer the most budget travel option, when booked online. The earlier you book, the cheapest you will travel. However, they are nor very flexible with travel delays. You should consider to buy flexible ticket / and freely take the next available bus/, with a 50 % extra charge from the price. Just to be sure, you will not lose your money.

The average prices for one way journey to Victoria Station with National Express is £11.00 and with Green Line is £10.00. Now Easy Bus makes transfers often with a lower fare – between £9.00 and 11.00, but they are slightly uncomfortable and not quite so frequent.

All 3 operators have their bus terminals outside of the airport. Remember when purchasing your bus ticket, no matter of the bus operator, always check all different types of discounts. You can choose between wide variety of online deals – duo travel, family ticket, group ticket and many more.

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