How to get around in London?Together with New York City, London is an Alpha++ City. As a global financial, economic and, most importantly, transportation hub, London boasts a staggering number of 6 airports – twice as many as Milan, Osaka or Moscow, for instance. Arriving at one of London’ six airports, whether visiting for business or pleasure, a person will definitely need a certain type of transport to get him or her to the desired destination.

Taking a taxi is one of the quickest and most expedient ways of getting around London. If the service is shared with other people, sometimes the price could even match the price for using other types of public transport.

How To Travel Around London

The capital of the United Kingdom is renowned for its black cabs. Although travelling around London in a black cab could be quite the experience, it also comes at a much higher price than, for example, minicabs. Minicab services are a new generation of taxi services that are a type of private hire vehicle. Owing to the heavy regulations taxis should follow, trustworthy, licensed minicab firms can provide a much cheaper alternative to the black cab.

Due to the myriad minicab companies in London, choosing the best one can be a headache. Here are some facts that could help with the choice.

  • A minicab that has not been booked by either e-mail, phone, or in a minicab office is illegal, dangerous and may even put someone’s life at risk (robbery, sexual assault);
  • Black cabs are the only taxis that can be hailed by customers from the street; drivers of minicabs are not allowed to pick up clients directly from the road;
  • Usually, these vehicles are licensed by local authorities, but one should be on the outlook for fake ones. If a minicab is waiting in line in front of bars, pubs or clubs, it is trespassing the law even in the case they accept the fare proposed by the customer without a proper booking.
  • Booking a minicab through a licensed company ensures that the service will be done by a licensed driver and in an insured vehicle. The booking is also a guarantee that the journey, the driver and the vehicle will be recorded in the system. Thus, should there be an unlucky event, the driver can be traced back.

There are twice as many minicabs as taxis in London, so taking advantage of the service provided by minicabs is not only an easier, but also often a more reasonable option. Mobbo Taxi is a leading company with lots of experience in the trade. Our operation covers the entire capital as well as we provide transport to, from and between all major London airports.