Cover ImageA travel plan is always a complicated thing to do. You start with the desired destination and while dreaming about all great places you’ll see, quite a long list of preparation duties are waiting for you.

The first and most important part of your travel plan is the way of transport. Most travelers prefer to fly instead of booking a bus tour. Considering that more than 40% of the leisure travelers organize their trips by themselves and prefer to book online, based on their personal search. Thus we believe it’s really important to know how to find the best offer online!

Here are the basic do’s and don’t’s you should have in mind when you start to search for your budget flight.

Have Flexible Travel Dates

Have Flexible Travel Dates.If you can afford it, don’t stick to one single date of travel. Airlines offer different ticket prices, depending on the season, weekday and time of travel. As you can guess summer months lead to higher prices. Almost all of the travelers choose the months between June and August to have their holiday. To find cheap flight April or May are also good options, as the weather is warm, but prices are lower.

Weekdays also matter. Travels during the weekend are more expensive, so focus on week days, like Wednesday or Thursday for your flight. Fridays are usually the busiest days and airlines increase the prices, due to the higher demand.

Holidays, as not you might think, are good dates to travel. People go on their trips before the holidays, so Christmas, Easter, and other international holidays cause reduce of the prices. The days, right after the Holydays are also less expensive.

The travel time is also something to have in mind. Unattractive late hours are less expensive. In case you have transport to and from the airport, go for the late night flights.

Have Alternative Destination

Have Alternative DestinationOf course, you would like to travel directly to Rome and spare some hours. But large cities, highly appreciated by tourist, and especially capitals are expensive destinations. If you can, have an alternative, like a smaller city, close to your final stop. Your ticket will be at a half price, even with bus travel to your last destination.

Smaller airport host cheaper air carriers with smaller planes. For example, if you travel to London, landing at Heathrow will be more expensive than landing at Gatwick. Small airports are more convenient, less crowded and you can take your luggage faster.

Choose Budget Airlines

Choose Budget AirlinesBudget airlines seem to be future of self-organized leisure travel. Even big companies started to offer budget flights, to compete with budget carriers. The low-cost carriers simply offer you less comfort in the matter of space and complimentary goods and services. You might have less leg space, and pay little more for luggage, but you will spare a good amount of money on the flight ticket. Always double check low cost carriers’s terms and conditions for baggage allowance, as they charge quite high extra taxes

A low-cost carrier is a good option for multiple destination travels.

Consider Flight Transfers

Consider Flight TransfersDirect flights are surely fast and more comfortable, but a flight with transfers are cheaper. If you travel light, consider buying a ticket for that kind of flight. If you travel to Paris from Canada, you can choose a flight with 1 stop or directly buy separate tickets to Quebec and then from Quebec to Paris. It can be cheaper sometimes.

Search Single Flights

Both low cost and high-class carriers offer one-way tickets on special fares. These are usually less wanted days for travel and carriers want to gather passengers for the flight. You can organize your trip with two one-way flights with different airlines on flexible dates.

Book At The Right Time

People often make this mistake – they book too soon or too late. The perfect fare is somewhere in the middle. Flights booked more than six months before the travel date are not cheaper than a flight booked 2 months before your trip. Remember, airlines offer fares based on demand. Too early booked trips may become declined with time, or the company may change the traveling hour and spoil your trip. Meanwhile, if you book at the last minute, especially in the peak season you’ll break the bank.

The best time to book your flight is 1 to 3 months before the date and wait to for the perfect offer, when the carrier starts to decrease the fare.

Good Search Engines

Good Search EnginesThe good search engine is everything for the passionate traveler. Not all engines list the same air carriers. The companies pay to be listed by the engine, so it’s normal not to find them in all engines.

Make sure you check as many sites as you can and compare prices, carriers and flight destinations. Some search platforms operate as a mediator between the client and the company, adding their own service tax to your final fare. They are supposed to offer the best prices, however, it’s not always true.

Many people do this trick, they use the engine, find their fight and then directly visit the official site of the company, to check their fare. And yes, sometimes it’s cheaper!

Here are the best Metasearch engines for cheap, both international and overseas flights:

And some online travel agencies you can use:

Search Incognito

You might never thought of that, but the cookies, of which existence we’re so kindly informed, might affect the price of your flight! Yes, this is true and it happens when you search for the same flight many times in the same engines. The site is simply tracking your information thanks to the cookies and tries to trick you by increasing the price, thinking you’ll get scared and book instantly.

You best chance here is to search in incognito browsing mode by turning off the tracking.

Sign up For Offers

Sign up For OffersWe know you hate to constantly receive tons of advertising e-mails, but when it gets to flight fares, signing up for mailing list is a good and practical option. Promotional fares end up quickly, and the company will e-mail you to remind you of that. Some carriers offer e-mail pricing updates for selected flights. This way you will know when your flight is getting cheaper.

Online travel agencies usually send offers for round trips for selected destinations and notify you when one-way cheap trip are available.

And at the end, everything about budget traveling is patience and planning. Good luck and good trip!