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One Day In Kensington

One Day In KensingtonWondering how to spend your day and you’re thinking about visiting some beautiful borough in London? Well, Kensington is a pretty good choice! The borough where Queen Victoria was born was and still is one of the most picturesque areas in the city.

It is famous as a posh district, full of fancy pubs and restaurants with wealthy people going there. Still, it is a perfect place for tourists with its museums, green gardens, and elegant buildings- a fascinating mix of architectural styles.

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One Day In Fulham

FulhamFulham is located right next to the luxury Chelsea. Quite a desirable place for living, Fulham is also a great tourist point with a lot to offer. Find interesting art galleries, green spaces, parks and a lot and a lot of classy restaurants and modern pubs. Wondering how to spend your day in Fulham? No worries, we have selected for you the best of the district’s point of interest and must – see attractions.

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One Day In Chelsea

Sloane SquareChelsea is known to be one of the most expensive and most desirable districts in London with high property prices. Well, no wonder- it is a picturesque, quiet neighbourhood with cosy restaurants, full of exciting galleries. It is famous as the art district in London, gathered some of the best modern and contemporary art shows and exhibitions.

So if you’re not buying a house, but you’re heading to Chelsea just to take a look around, learn what you can see, eat and do for one day in Chelsea.

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One Day In London

One day in LondonThe one day trip is the biggest fear of travel lovers. A lovely destination with so many sights to visit and so little time. But don’t worry, if you’re just passing, you can still make the most of your time in London for only one day.

The best way to make use of your day is to have a good plan for what you want to see. London is a big city, and walking can be exhausting, so you should choose your priority sights in advance. Since you won’t be visiting museums, as museum trips are quite time-consuming, you can spend your day outside circling the most popular landmarks and attractions.

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History Of London Tube

London TubeThe London Tube is the first underground system created in the world. It all started with great visionaries, but it took many years for the first constructions to begin. The London Tube today isn’t the biggest or the most visited underground system worldwide, but it surely put the beginning of innovations, which changed the looks and habits of the city. To this date, the Tube has 11 lines and 270 stations with a flow of 1.34 billion passengers per year.

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Royal Landmarks In London

Windsor CastleLondon, as a city with 20 centuries of history offers you much more, than just entertainment. Instead of wondering how to spend your time in the city, you can turn your sight to the Royal landmarks in London, marking heritage of London’s royal ages. A tour through London’s historic buildings will transfer you to times of glory and prosperity. Starting from the most popular sights, such as the Buckingham Palace, the Westminster Abbey, and the Parliament, to the notorious Tower of London, you have plenty of other not less popular landmarks to visit.

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History of London Football Clubs

Thierry HenryThe attitude of Londoners towards football can be compared with religion. Britain, and London as its capital, has always respected the beauty and significance of the game, since the 14th century. The football game has changed through the years. It has become more aggressive, fast and intense, but its main purpose to gather people and bring entertainment remained the same.

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How To Find Cheap Flights

Cover ImageA travel plan is always a complicated thing to do. You start with the desired destination and while dreaming about all great places you’ll see, quite a long list of preparation duties are waiting for you.

The first and most important part of your travel plan is the way of transport. Most travelers prefer to fly instead of booking a bus tour. Considering that more than 40% of the leisure travelers organize their trips by themselves and prefer to book online, based on their personal search. Thus we believe it’s really important to know how to find the best offer online!

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Brief History of London

London 1990sLondon has nearly 2000 years of diverse and dynamic history. Tons of historical texts have been written about the long life of this amazing city. We will try to briefly take you through the most significant moments of London’s history. In our historical walk we will pass through hard times of wars, rebellions and violence to times of prosperity and development.

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9 Ways to Relax When You Travel

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Finally, the time for your dream vacation has come. You’ve been planning it, thinking about it, being impatient to finally get out of the city rush and relax your mind and body. However, if you’re one of those travelers, who come more tired from their vacation, than the before you left your home. Many people exhaust themselves to the limit, trying to see and do everything they can in the free few days they have, and this might turn into a big mistake, bringing you more anxiety to your everyday life.

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