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10 Things To Do With Kids In London

Are you visiting London with your family? You know long walks, transport changes and queues will make your kids nervous and moody. So you want to keep them busy and interested in what they’re seeing. London has a lot in store for you and your family. Let’s see some of the best places to visit with kids in 2018 and that you can do around.

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Best Music Concerts in London For 2018

Best London Concerts in 2018You can never get bored in London. Its tremendous diversity and cultural calendar can be heavy to cope with. Summer and spring months are for music festivals while the cold autumn and winter months – for shows and gigs. Every day, every night something is happening in London, and you don’t want to miss the essentials. We did the hard work and selected the 10 best music concerts upcoming for 2018 to save you hours of desperate browsing around the web. Get your schedule filled up with some of the most significant music shows for the next year.

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Best Music Festivals To Visit in London 2018

London Music Festivals 2018What is one of the best things about living in London? Music Festivals – that particular feeling of being part of something big, jumping in unison with thousands of people, sharing the passion about beat and rhythm. You know that the UK is a host of the biggest open-air festival, and London as the beating heart of the country gathers some of the most visited and awesome music events throughout the year.

During the summer months, London becomes a buzzing hive with loads of crowds in its parks. From dance to rock and indie the music festivals offer something for everyone. Some of them are more conceptual while others are traditional live events with beer, hard sound and flashing lights.

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Best Uber Alternatives In London

Best Alternatives to Uber in London, UKUber has fought many battles on many fronts for the last 8 years, is often criticized for its business model and not only. Although innovative Uber’s way of managing their services get in conflict with the laws in many countries. The biggest ride-hailing company a won numerous enemies since its execution in 2009. Offering low-cost rides on a shared principle Uber gets attacked regularly by the regulatory bodies of the countries, whose markets it tries to conquer.

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One Day In Clapham

Clapham CommonClapham is a quiet neighborhood in South of London, a relaxed area full of friendly locals. Regardless its remoteness from central London it is a district full of life, during the day and the night. You will find many young people and families preferring Clapham exactly because of its calm atmosphere and rhythm. It is well connected with the other neighborhoods while sharing borders with Brixton, Balham, and Battersea. Loved by Londoners because of its great connections, nightlife and shopping streets it will offer you one exciting day.

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One Day In Wimbledon

WimbledonWimbledon is situated in a little more than 7 miles from London’s central part. It is one the greenest districts in the city. It has caught within its boundaries the second biggest park in London – Wimbledon Common. As you all know, Wimbledon is also a host for one of the most important and also the oldest tennis tournament – The Wimbledon Championships. Thanks to its fame of a significant tennis centre of a first class the district attracts many tourists these days. However, it hasn’t lost its charm of a quiet country side, while keeping the spark alive with many traditional and modern pubs and shops.

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One Day In West End

Oxford StreetEven for a Londoner, it ‘s hard to define West End’s boundaries. The artistic district in central London is famous for its shopping streets, theatres and some of the most visited tourist attractions in the city. Broadly speaking it covers the area of Soho, Leicester Square, Chinatown and Covent Garden. Depending on how you define West End it can stretch up to Marylebone, Mayfair and Fitzrovia.

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One Day In Putney

Putney Bridge, LondonSmall and quiet Putney is located in the south-west of London. Locals regard Putney as a good choice for living area with its many parks and open spaces. Situated in Zone 2, not really away from the central part and relaxed enough Putney can be the perfect place for one day trip. It is not as expensive as other areas in Zone 1 and will fascinate you with its greeny woodlands and cosy pubs and restaurants. It is an excellent destination for family walks with the kids.

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One Day In Camden

CamdenIf this is your first time in Camden prepare yourself for its vivid and crowded atmosphere. Prepare yourself to be swamped with colours, sounds and appetising aroma. Surprises are around every corner with shops and pubs bursting with life, buzzy bars and people from all over the world. Camden Town, this chaotic multicultural melting point will capture you with its bohemian charm.

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