Use app to get a taxi in London.Taxi apps are not something new to Londoners. They started to occupy the market at least 4 or 5 years ago. However, for the past two years mobile apps for taxi services have become more and more widespread and preferred among customers. The competition between taxi and minicab companies is huge not only in London so bringing an app to the public gives the companies a good start and a lot of advantages. Taxi apps are good solution not only for travelers, but for the minicab companies as well. They assure a constant flow of customers, even in times when competitors are on every corner.

It’s difficult to rate smartphone apps on a single attribute, as they cover various types of services. Which one would be the best for you really depends on your preferences and habits. Many people are annoyed of calling taxi and minicab companies and wait for quotes, but other prefer to check prices and conditions personally. One thing is certain – hailing a cab on the street has become old-fashioned practice of the past.

Although we at Mobbo Taxi still haven’t got an app (working on it 🙂 ), you can check out our fares for local runs and airport transfers.

The following apps are some of the best on the market right now. Check out the overview to choose the best solution for you and your travel.


When you search over the internet for London minicab or taxi service Kabbee for Android is always on the top. The Kabbee app gives you the chance to compare London taxi and minicab services and choose companies depending on your preference of time of arrival, price, accessibility or even user rating. The app lists all available companies and manages them according to their punctuality.

It’s perfect for those, who hate to call or make bookings. Customers can pick the nearest service to their location. One big benefit of Kabbee is the option to pay with your debit or credit card directly from the app, so you don’t have to worry about carrying money with you. The other really practical option is saving your address details or your travel direction.

Customers don’t have to enter their details every time. You can enter pick up, drop off or even via point to your journey. Last, but not least, travelers can choose between various types of vehicles – saloon, estate or even green cars. Kabbee app also gives up to 70% discount of black cabs prices. So in conclusion we can say, Kabbee app is well developed service, quite practical and time saving.


Gett app is one the most popular taxi apps right now. It has 4.3 point rate at Google Play Store. It is an international application and has the greatest coverage in UK- now available not only in London, but in Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham and Liverpool. Basically Gett works only with black licensed taxi under the regulation on TFL. You should have this in mind before downloading it, because you will not find minicab companies through the app.

This also means that you will be charged in the end of your journey and you will not see fixed fares per journey. Gett app is great choice in case money saving is not your main priority. It has some interesting features such as: broader coverage, option to pay with card using the app and free journey if you invite a friend to use the application.

Gett gives you credit of £10, every time you bring new user to the app. Something useful about the application is the opportunity to track your taxi in real time. Gett promises that customers will not pay surge to their journey despite increase in demand or during peak hours.

One more thing, unlike other taxi apps Gett has customer service phone, for questions, help and complaints. We expect Gett to expand into app not only for people transportation, but to include services for food delivery like pizza or sushi.


Again a quite popular app, Hailo has good coverage in UK – it’s available in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds, with the idea to spread even further. Hailo is an online service for your smartphone, which gives you the opportunity to hail taxi without standing in the street. The application shows all registered to the app licensed taxi near to your location. Operating the app is easy.

You just select your nearest choice and type of car and wait for you drive to arrive. Hailo, like the previous app allows you to track your car in real time. Payments here also happen through the app.

What is specific about Hailo? Drivers pay to use the app and they will tax you about 20 % less, when you use the app and charge you full if you hail them on the street. It might seem unsatisfying for the taxis, but actually the app guarantees them solid clientele. Hailo has some small but important features integrated, like remembering your frequently used locations and displaying fare quotes before you order taxi.

It also stores your receipts to be viewed or printed later. It can help with tracking your lost items after you have forgot something in the taxi car. Hailo is up to date with social networks integration and has great rate at Google Play Store.


Cabwise is application brought to the public by TFL. So this might me the reason for its low rating. Despite the rating Cabwise works perfectly. It displays all taxis and minicabs near your location. The app is used mainly to hail minicabs and it is really useful to compare fares right on the spot. The app shows all details of the licensed taxis and minicabs – address, telephone, location, type of accepted payment.

What is the difference with the other apps? Cabwise will not book you a cab, you should have to call for a taxi by yourself anyway. Cabwise is available both for IOS and Android. There are some bad reviews about the functionality of the app on Android OS after the last update. Many customers complain the app stopped working properly, but this shouldn’t discourage you just to try it.


Comcab is one of apps mainly used on IOS and it works on the same basis as Hailo. It shows you the nearest ranks or taxi firms. It also shows Comcab licensed drivers registered to use the app. One advantage of Comcab is that you don’t need registration. Customers can book a ride using the app one day prior the journey or they can do it minutes before and track the arriving car.

The application stores recent journeys, your details and favourites. Some online reviews mention issues like bad attitude of Comcab drivers, late taxis and cars that didn’t even arrive. However, the application itself works well and it is simple and easy to use.

Addison Lee

All taxi app features are integrated – favourites, GPS location, type of vehicles, drop off location, type of payment, stored details. Like all other apps, Addison Lee provides discount on the fares just for using it. It calculates the time to arrival of the car. Addison Lee claims every car can reach you just for 10 minutes. It usually takes longer, so when booking a cab give at least 15 minutes.

Addison Lee covers all airports and with their pre-booking option you can travel anytime of the day. You have a great choice regarding payment methods. You can pay with card, with your personal Addison Lee account and receive invoice or even with PayPal. Addison Lee gives instant quotes before your booking and the prices are fixed.


Uber is probably the most popular ride share service in the world. It is hated by all licensed black taxi drivers, as it brings fantastic prices per ride. Sometimes at least 1/3 lower. Now through the app customers can hail a cab on the street, but without violating the TFL restrictions. The Uber app works great ad it has really good user reviews. It is available for OS – Iphone, Android and even Blackberry devices.

What is different about Uber app? It calculates the price according to the distance, single or shared usage of the vehicle and the demand in your area. This means, your cost might change at the end of the journey – it could be less or more from your first price, displayed by the app. Uber services include surge in peak hours when most of the cars are taken and many customers use the app. This usually happens on holidays.

You get charged in the end of the journey, money are directly withdrawn from the card you have registered. The app displays available cars and drivers telephones and registration number, booking are mare directly from the app. Recently Uber added feedback option as they don’t have customer care phone. Uber is the most controversial service among all. We suggest to download it if you prefer to take shared rides. In any other way the other apps listed above give the same quality of service.