Limit to baggage allowance.Today, even more passengers prefer to fly with the emergence of  low cost airline travels. Low cost carriers provide travel on budget and along with that fast journey compared to bus travels. If you want to save money and you’re a practical person, who doesn’t care too much about luxury, a low cost airline is a good choice. However, in addition to the favorable price and fast transportation, low cost airlines have some specific rules and restrictions regarding luggage.

Considering the differences between the airlines, you need to be well prepared to spare yourself unwanted expenses.

Low Cost Carriers Services

Low cost carriers.First, you need to know what exactly differentiates your budget airline from the rest. Of course, the price for the travel is lower, but budget companies are called low cost mainly because they have smaller expenses. They transport passengers constantly to the same route with the same crew on both directions. They offer lower prices to make sure the flight will be full, services are usually at poorer level compared to premium airlines such as British Airways, Lufthansa or Air France.

What you need to know is that in low cost airlines, everything out of the price of the ticket is charged extra. Passengers usually have to pay extra for snacks and drinks, selected seat, and most often for extra luggage. Prices can be quite high. If you don’t want to pay 30 pounds baggage cost, for 70 ticket price be prepared.

Let’s see the baggage allowances of 5 major low cost airline, which operate in the UK.


Cabin Baggage Allowance

EasyJetEasyJet allows you to take one bag in the cabin with measurements – 56 x 45 x 25 cm including handles and wheels. The passengers who have paid extra for the ticket are allowed to take one more under seat bag with maximum size of 45 x 36 x 20 cm. There are no weight restrictions for the cabin luggage.

If your bag is bigger, you need to check it either at the desk or at the boarding gate and pay the fee. Taxes are – £32 at the Bag Drop Desk and £45 at the boarding gate.

If you arrive at the desk, when the cabin lockers are full, the crew will ask you to check your back in the hold free of charge. You need to take out all fragile items, laptops, and cameras.

Hold Baggage Allowance

You’re allowed to take bags with maximum size /width+length+height/ of up to 275 cm. The weight limitation is 20 kg per bag. You can check in more than one bag for a price. One bag up to 20 kg will cost you £14-17 booked online or £32-45 at the airport.

In case your hold luggage excesses the limitation, you will pay 10 for every 3 kg over the limit.

Sports equipment, musical instruments, and other specific items are charged £30 online and £40 at the desk.


Cabin Baggage Allowance

RyanairRyanair has larger cabin baggage allowance than EasyJet – you can take one bag with maximum size of 55 x 40 x 20 cm with handles and wheels plus one bag with size 35 x 20 x 20 cm without paying extra. If there’s not enough space for your cabin bags, you’ll be asked to check them for free. A passenger with Priority Pass has always the advantage to take their bags on board.

When your cabin baggage exceeds the limit, you will need to pay £50 at the desk and send your bags for check in. Adults with infants between 8 days and 23 months are allowed to take one more bag up to 5 kg free of charge.

Hold Baggage Allowance

Ryanair lets you take up to 2 bags in the hold, each weighting either 15 or 20 kilos. The fee is: for 15 kg bag – £15 and 20 kg bag – £20. For flights with duration over 2 hours, the fees are as follows- £25 and £35. Ryanair gives the chance the baggage to be pooled. This means you can take two smaller bags with maximum weight fitting the limit instead of just one.

If your bag is heavier than the allowed, you will have to pay £10 for every extra kilogram over. Sports equipment, instruments, ski equipment or bikes can be taken in the hold for prices between £30 and £60. Weight limit is 20 kg each.

Wizz Air

Cabin Baggage Allowance

WizzairWizz Air has the strictest restriction about cabin luggage amongst all low-cost carriers. Remember, they do not make compromises and have quite high extra fees. You can bring one bag with measurements of 42 x 32 x 25 cm, which is smaller than what other budget companies allow. Plus you can take one more handbag or bag for laptop and camera with maximum size of 40 x 30 x 18 cm. You’re limited in 10 kg for the cabin luggage.

Wizz Air offers large cabin luggage option for a fee of £8 – 15.50 per bag, with size 56 x 45 x 25 cm. You can book it online or pay at the airport. You need to specify the type of baggage, otherwise you’ll be charged extra for baggage in the hold.

Hold Baggage Allowance

Wizz Air definitely gives advantage of checked in baggage as they allow you to take up to 6 items. You have options for hold luggage weight – bags of 23 kg or bags weighting 32 kg. For 23 kg baggage, you will pay between £11.50 and 29.50 in the low season and £19.50 – 37.50 during high season. 32 kg bags are charged – £19.50-37.50 in lower season and 27.50-45 in high season.

Overweight baggage will cost you £10 per every kilogram. In case it happens to have extra bags or you over-sized cabin luggage, the tax is always £39 at the airport.

Sports equipment, bikes, snowboards or ski are accepted in the hold, adequately packed for £23.50 fee online and £47 paid at the airport.


Cabin Baggage Allowance

MonarchMonarch offers you two options for hand luggage – one bag with size 56 x 40 x 25 cm, including handles and wheels, or two smaller bags. All hand luggage should be no heavier than 10 kg. It’s simple as it is, you need to fit everything in one or two hand bags including laptops, cameras, and other devices.

Any bigger bags will be sent to the hold for a £50 tax, paid at the desk.

Hold Baggage Allowance

Again you have several options – one bag with weight 20 kg, 23 or 26 kg or two bags with overall weight of 40 kg. You can pool your hold baggage with your companion, in case both of you have paid the taxes for 1 piece of luggage. Unfortunately, this rule does not apply for bags in the cabin. The fee for hold luggage is between £15 to 36 online and £36 to 54 at the airport.

Again if you exceed the limit a fee of £10 per kilogram will apply. For sports equipment, instruments and other items with higher volume and weight, you need to pay a separate tax of £35 to take them on board.


Cabin Baggage Allowance

Jet2Jet2 permits two bags in the cabin. One with size no larger than 56 x 45 x 25 cm one smaller bag for laptop or handbag which you need to put under your seat. The overall weight of your hand luggage must not exceed 10 kg, otherwise you need to check them. If the cabin is full, the aircraft will store your bags in the hold free of charge. If your bags are bigger than the listed size, the tax is £45, paid at the desk.

Hold Baggage Allowance

Jet2 offer to their passengers up to three bags, no heavier than 66 kilos all together, or 22 per bag. If you book two/three bags with overall weight 44/66 kilos, a single piece of baggage should fit in 32 kg limit. Any exceed is charged with £12 per kilogram. The price for one piece of suitcase is about £21 per flight.

Other useful information about baggage

Some of the carriers allow you to take pets on board, some allow to take then in the cabin, some prefer to put then in the hold. You need to check the terms and conditions about unusual item of you flight operator.

Liquids are allowed in the cabin baggage, as long as they are stored in containers up to 100 ml each. The overall volume of liquids is 1000 ml for each passenger. You can bring a coat, umbrella, crutches and one standard bag of duty free goods.

Some of the carriers have an option for transportation of wedding dresses, cakes, and other special items. They usually put them in the cabin, after you pay a fee.

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