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Finally, the time for your dream vacation has come. You’ve been planning it, thinking about it, being impatient to finally get out of the city rush and relax your mind and body. However, if you’re one of those travelers, who come more tired from their vacation, than the before you left your home. Many people exhaust themselves to the limit, trying to see and do everything they can in the free few days they have, and this might turn into a big mistake, bringing you more anxiety to your everyday life.

Fortunately, we have some tips for you to make the best of your vacation and return home fully relaxed and satisfied. Just follow a couple of simple “traveler’s rules” and be sure you’ll never feel tired after your holiday ever again.
Check out our tips how to relax when you travel, especially number 5.

#1 Leave Gadgets At Home

Leave technology at home.The majority of people haven’t even thought about how much technology exhaust them in their everyday life. Phones, television, constant internet exposure literally squeezes your mental power and overloads your mind. Instead of technology detox, we get even more distracted during our vacation, when we’re continuously distracted with notifications. Try to turn off all push notifications and try not check your e-mail thousand times a day. If you can afford it, it’s even better to leave your phone, while you’re out or just switch it off for some time.

Television, as much as we think it’s relaxing, actually overloads us on an unconscious level with too much and useless information. Instead of watching TV, when you’re on a vacation, you can try to read a good book. Yoga is the one thing we can never fit in our schedule, so the holidays are the perfect time to finally relax your mind and body with yoga and meditation.

#2 Have Simple Schedule

SchedulePerhaps you’ve noticed, when you buy your travel guide you immediately start to make plans what you want to visit and do. At the most times no vacations are long enough to justify all of our expectations, so we eventually end up overwhelmed and tired.

Carefully plan your time and don’t try to fit all attractions and event at one day. You can divide your touristic locations into areas to visit, to spare time, so you be less busy. As much you want to see everything you’ve planned before your travel, you better concentrate on the most important locations and attractions. Guides are really useful, they show you the most valuable sights and how to organize your time.

Finally, one last tip, don’t put too many museums in your plan if you have short vacation. Museums need attention and time. If you hurry all the time you might miss interesting galleries, instead of taking the best of your museum tour.

#3 Don’t Plan Every Minute

Time PlanWe’re constantly talking about planning, but this time, we advise you to let some free, unplanned hours. Just decide what to do at the moment, act spontaneously! It will load you with positive energy and adrenaline, you’ll experience your holiday as an adventure.

You can take a simple walk around some interesting district and choose where to eat or drink at the minute. Don’t waste your time and energy in reading blogs and guides to find a good place to have dinner.

You can try walking around without a map. When you constantly stare at the map, it consumes all your attention, and you miss the beauty of the view. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring one, just in case you get lost. But there’s charm in that too.

#4 Sleep

Proper sleep.The short sleep is a common problem for all travelers. Everyone get to bed late and get up really early to fit into their schedule. Many people feel distracted and uncomfortable to sleep in an unfamiliar setting, therefore feel tired with a lack of power at the next day. If you’re late sleeper, don’t try to get up early, just because you think it’s useful. It’s not! An unrelaxed body and mind lead to negative thoughts, you might become more pessimistic than usual if you don’t get enough sleep.

Hour changes, due to night flights and time zones also exhausts you at the very beginning of your vacation. Many people prefer to take sleeping pills, which assures them strong sleep, even in the plane. You can try a glass of wine or to watch a movie.

One of the best decisions will be to leave a couple of days from your holiday just for relax and sleep, staying at the hotel. This will make you more positive and open minded to the forthcoming adventures.

#5 Take Longer Vacation

Outdoor VacationThis is the best tip in this list. The longer the vacations is, the more you’ll get from it. Imagine how you’ll feel when you come back to work Monday morning after 2 days of travel and only one in relaxing.

Holidays longer than 2 weeks assure you good relaxation, enough time for your plans, and chance to visit more than one destination. Long holidays are usually self-organized, which gives you the chance to do exactly what you want, without coordination your time with others.

One of the best solutions for long travel is to hire a car and just ride to the country. Driving feels relaxing for the most of the people, so you can think about multiple destination holidays. Other good and mind freeing option for your holiday is to go outdoors in the nature. Grab a tent, provisions and interact with the peace of nature landscapes, away from the city and civilization. You’ll have more time to turn into your inner self and feel distressed.

#6 Leave Work At Home

Outdoor vacations.Many of us just can’t detach ourselves from duties and work tasks. If you have your phone constantly ringing with questions, you’ll barely have time to think about yourself. Before you leave try to have it all covered by your colleagues or employees. We know it sounds difficult, but it’s all about planning.

Try not to take everything on your shoulders. You deserve rest as much as everyone else. You can leave others to deal with work alone for some time. They’ll do the same. Make “To Do” list for them before you leave. Then you’ll be able to ignore annoying phone calls spoiling your rest.

#7 Be Prepared – Book in Advance

Avoid queuing.Online booking is such a relief nowadays. You can book literally everything in advance, starting from you travel tickets, museum and attraction passes, travel cards to even a dinner reservation. Instead of waiting on long queues you only need to print your online reservation and pass the line. In museums and popular landmarks, visitors with online booked tickets enter with preference – faster and easier.

Not to mention, online bookings usually offer discount from the regular price, and the “early bird” reservation for flight and bus tickets allow you to choose between a wider variety of travel and price options. Check out our TripAdvisor profile.

#8 See a Music Show

See live performance.No vacation is complete without seeing a music show. Almost all tourist cities have rich night, cultural and club life. This might be your chance to hear musicians, which will never come to your country or just to listen to your favorite music, whether it’s classical or contemporary.

You can go to opera, go to a jazz club or visit live venue. In cities like London, Paris, Rome, Vienna, every day is a music holiday. No matter or the date, you’ll be able to find interesting music shows. Even small clubs invite musicians for live sets, so you can treat yourself with emotional and relaxing music experience, without even leaving your district.

Music will ease your mind, inspire you and help you keep the good vibrations.

#9 Take It On Foot

Take it on foot.Finally, our last advice it to just walk. Walking, except being good exercise allows you to see the whole beauty and charm of the place you visit. You can leave the hop on hop off bus for a couple of days and explore the area on foot.

Free walking tours are today offered in every city or town. With just simple search you’ll find free and useful walking guides, showing you the best of the cityscape. Dive into the neighborhood’s spirit and live as the locals. By taking your exploration on foot you can see the typical architecture and see the local habits.

In big cities, people spend nearly one-third of their time in the public transport to under the ground using the metro. You don’t want to be one of them, missing all the interesting scenes you can see and enjoy.

We hope with our advised you’ll have the best and the most relaxing vacation this year and return to your normal life full of good emotions and energy!