All minicab services take you to your home.Have you ever imagined how enormous is tourist flow among EU countries? Basic statistics show that tourist at age of 15 years and above have made 1.2 billion trips –either personal or business along the territory of the EU. Now let’s talk about UK. UK is the eighth most visited European country by number of tourists per year. This gives UK 3.5 % of the global tourist flow.

Some perceive tourist as annoying foreign invaders others count on them as an important part of economic prosperity. No matter whether you are a tourist or a local, transportation is the first and one of the most significant aspects to bring one’s trip to a good end. Most of the tourist travel by air. Every traveller has experienced terrible trips at least once. So how to avoid the most spread travelling cliches and problems? The answer is – airport transfers.

The perception that public transport is the best budget-friendly choice is sometimes wrong. Public transport might give travellers the cheapest prices but it is insecure, slow and it lacks flexibility.

What are the advantages of Airport Transfers?

You Save Time

Save time with airport transfer service.If you haven’t travelled to UK before you wouldn’t know how complicated it is to choose and plan your trip with train or coach. The only way to buy a really cheap ticket is to book it in advance as soon as possible and hope not to miss your trip. With airport transfers to major London airports you can make inquiry just before your depart. Travelling by bus is really slow you will get stuck in city traffic for sure and buses have a lot of intermediate stops before their terminus.

The time for an average journey usually gets with 1/3 longer with the bus. Not to mention that again because of the traffic coaches often get delayed. Airport transfers with taxi or minicab will assure you are on the shortest route possible. Also the driver will be waiting for you at the terminal and you will not have to walk or take shuttle to the bus or train station.

Safe Travel

Public transport is often overcrowded and unreliable.There is always a chance to lose your bags in the public transport. Don’t think when getting on the Tube trains will be empty. They are overcrowded both on working days and weekends. The same is with the buses or trains. It is easy to lose your belongings. By choosing private car hire, you can be sure, that your luggage is kept safe.

The other benefit being that in comparison with rental car, which you have to drive by yourself here a well-trained and instructed driver will get you through the city street jungle. Many foreigners are confused of UK’s left side driving and can cause car accidents. It’s always better to count on experienced driver. All taxi and minicab drivers in UK are fully licensed and have great knowledge of the city.


Enjoy a comfortable ride.Private cars are pretty much more comfortable than any express train. The variety of different car types is wide. From a saloon car, to estate, MPV or 8 seated vehicle. Normal saloon cars can bear up to 4 passengers with 2 big cases of luggage. Estate cars are for bigger amount of luggage and can also carry 4 people. The other standard types / MPV or 8 seated/ will carry from 6 to 8 people. Some of the black taxis are luxurious vehicles, air conditioned, quiet, with extra space for you to relax.

Travelling with little children or disabled people is very difficult. Not to say impossible sometimes with public transport. With minicabs or other private cars the customer can require child seat or special wheelchair adapted vehicle.

Take Everything You Want

Airport transfer is best choice in case you travel with heavy luggage, sports equipment, household items, musical instruments and many more items that cannot be carried easy in the public transport. Almost all operators limit their passengers with the luggage- up to two 20 kilogram cases and one hand bag. And this all you can take. As for those, who do not have limitations, it is because whether or not a single person cannot carry more pieces than these listed above.

Don’t expect any help from the staff on board. Better choose airport car transfer. You can get a full list of the items you can take with you during your trip with just a fast online quote. Online quotes will calculate the type of vehicle you’ll be needing and the price. Airport transfer companies websites have made it so easy you don’t have to decide anything by yourself except taking a minicab.

Right At Your Door

All minicab services take you to your home.It is easy to get lost in unfamiliar landscape. Those who decide to use public transport usually have made preliminary plan and double checked all stops, timetables, routes and connection points. In case you want to avoid complicated research you can reckon on airport transfer. Any taxis will take you right at your door. Minicabs operate from point to point or to your address.

*Private transfers are offered usually for groups bigger than 8 people. Groups move slowly and disorderly and it’s possible to lose a member.

Are Airport Transfer Services Really Budget-Friendly?

Which way to choose?Budget travel is not always a practical travel. For unprepared tourists economy travelling can turn into hell with flight delays missed trains or buses, unknown streets and stops. Bus companies are not very flexible with money refunds in case of missed coach. In contrast, taxis or minicabs follow flights arrivals and delays up to the minute. Passengers won’t be charged extra for making the driver wait for them.

Dealing with the big city is a challenge not every traveller is prepared for. Have you ever waited your transport on the wrong side of the line? Have you wondered which one is your stop or dealt with city map with such a tiny text you can barely read it? Forget about these troubles and order airport transfer service. In any case you will save more money by taking a private car hire than buying tickets for buses, trains, etc. Minicabs have fixed prices per travel and you don’t have to search for online deals and avoid peak hours of the day to save money from your ticket. In fact, for 4 people travel with a minicab a person will spend nearly the same amount as with the bus.

Airport transfers are the most practical and efficient way of travel between the airport and your home. More and more passengers decide to leave behind the common practices and use hired cars or minicabs. Minicabs now have gained the importance and expertise of the old and well known taxis in UK. They are trustful, qualified and correct. Don’t hesitate to order a minicab. It will save you a lot of troubles.